More than just a wholesaler or distributor, Cerealia Group is committed to being an active partner in your company’s success. Our local approach to large-scale logistics, and our dedicated sales team, puts our resources at your fingertips.

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Moving legal cannabis from cultivators to processors, labs, and dispensaries can get complex.

Luckily, it’s what we do.

Consistent, optimal temperature and humidity during storage and transport keeps your flower, extracts, oils, and edible products at their best. Our drivers are professionally trained, their backgrounds are checked, and they’re each fully bonded & insured. Compliance data that meets industry standards regardless of where you expand, combined with simple ordering and fast delivery allows you to devote your time and attention to your business.

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Secure Transportation

Secure vehicles with GPS and route data allow us to safely transport products in accordance with strict state standards.

Simplified Ordering & Scheduling

One order / one pickup / one delivery – connects you to a network of producers and dispensaries across the state. We work hard to make distribution & delivery easy.

Fully Bonded & Insured

Multi-layer protection for your products. Whether they’re in transit or stored in one of our facilities, they’re covered.

Sales Support

Whether you need help marketing, branding, and pitching your products, or help curating a selection to stock your shelves, our sales reps and marketing team are here to help.

Safe & Optimal Product Storage

Strategically located, secure warehouse facilities with multiple temperature & humidity zones allows us to store your products for fast & easy transport to dispensaries.

Sophisticated Data

Sales, inventory, and production insights allow you to adjust, rather than react. A network of data to benefit our clients and partners.

Hemp Transport & Distribution

If you’re in the business of working with bulk flower, oil, or other hemp products and byproducts, Cerealia Group’s fleet of larger temperature controlled box trucks are well equipped to efficiently and effectively transport bulk perishable products. Our nationwide shipping logistics infrastructure ensures fast, safe, and compliant transport.

CBD Product Distribution

Whether you’re local or large-scale, we move CBD for you. CBD products require just as much care and attention during transport as other perishable cannabis products. As State and Federal laws continue to evolve, so does our ability to offer CBD transportation and distribution. Once we confirm the legality of your product in your desired distribution area, we can get moving.

Wholesale Distribution*

Cerealia Group offers wholesale services for Hemp, CBD, and legal adult use/recreational Cannabis products (*where permitted). Our secure, temperature and humidity controlled facilities, supported by our sales team, can serve as your product’s wholesale and distribution hub.

We move products between businesses in an efficient and cost-effective way so that producers and store owners can spend more time on their business.

Cannabis and its oils/extracts are perishable, environment sensitive products. Because of our background in food distribution, we are uniquely experienced and equipped to provide optimal conditions throughout the whole transportation process. Our goal is to get products to customers as fresh as possible, in the most ideal conditions, quickly and efficiently.

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We don’t react,

we prepare —

and we’re ahead of the curve.

Uniquely Positioned

As soon as Federal law permits, Cerealia Group is already positioned to be a leader in interstate and international cannabis shipping. Our experience shipping perishable products to over 80 countries worldwide, existing shipping portal infrastructure, and our national and international cannabis industry relationships in both the medical and adult use sectors will be put to work for you.

Versatile & Well-Versed

The background of our leadership team allows Cerealia Group to become your comprehensive distribution partner, with high-level leaders in the food distribution, cannabis regulatory compliance, and marketing industries. We understand the needs & challenges associated with selling and distributing a perishable, highly regulated product on a local or large-scale level.

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Application Assistance

More Than Just A Vendor,

We’re Committed To Being An

Active Partner In Your Company’s Success.

Cerealia Group can help applicants and teams develop the transportation, reporting compliance, and distribution portions of licensure applications (including secure loading/unloading procedures, shipping manifests, and compliance reporting). When we work together from square one, we’re familiar with your team and your operation prior to licensure, allowing us to get moving as soon as your operations are up and running. Even if we’re not currently operational in your State due to its regulatory structure, we’re ready to assist you through your application, and we’ll be the first to dispatch our team when you and your State are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Can you transport cannabis across state lines?

To put it simply, Federal law does not permit the transportation of cannabis across state lines at this time. While we operate in multiple states, we only transport legal cannabis inside state lines.

How much do your transport services cost?

We base our pricing on the volume of product, frequency of deliveries, and distance traveled. Depending on your needs, pricing will differ – we work with you to anticipate your transport needs, and aim to provide you with fair, consistent pricing to assist with your business’s budgeting and projections.

Will you transport my product?

If it’s legal, we’ll move it! We also work with vendors of ancillary products.

Do you transport bulk flower?

Absolutely. In addition to our smaller cannabis delivery vehicles, we have vehicles more suited to the transportation of bulk flower in a refrigerated, controlled, and secure environment.

Do you transport hemp?

Yes, whether you need to move bulk hemp (see above) or smaller hemp-based products, we have the infrastructure to meet those needs.

Do you transport CBD products?

Yes! As State and Federal laws continue to evolve, so does our ability to offer CBD transportation and distribution. Once we confirm the legality of your product in your desired distribution area, we can get moving.

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Move With Us

As State laws evolve, so does our service area. We’re always on the move, so check back to see where we are, and where we go next!

Available Now

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

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  • Maryland
  • Massachusettes

Don’t See Your Area?

Contact us to get in touch about expansion – chances are, we’ll be up and running in your area soon.

Meet Our Team

Please Note: Third party transport of marijuana is not yet permitted in: New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Cerealia Group

Leadership Team

Our leadership team’s combined knowledge and expertise in the Cannabis Industry allow the Cerealia Group to confidently forge the path toward providing the industry with B2B and 3PL distribution services beyond what you’d expect from a basic transportation service.

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Rastelli

The co-founder of the Rastelli Foods Group - has global distribution, consolidation, and fulfillment expertise spanning over 80 countries.

As Co-Founder of the Rastelli Foods Group, Tony’s expertise in global fulfillment and consolidation strategies allows Cerealia Group to provide unmatched distribution services to both cannabis producers and dispensaries. His involvement in highly regulated international medical cannabis markets (including Canada, Dubai, and Jamaica), coupled with his international shipping relationships and experience distributing perishable food products, uniquely positions Cerealia Group to lead the industry in importing, exporting, and distributing cannabis products globally, with a focus on a local approach to each market.
Chief Sales Officer

Tony Orio

Brings over 35 years of experience in the digital and print marketing and advertising industry.

Tony is experienced in helping small and large businesses across the country develop cost effective marketing and advertising strategies. Starting his career as an ad representative, Tony now manages a nationwide sales team of reps for one of the nation’s largest advertising agencies. His knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing strategies, and his experience working and managing teams at all levels of the advertising industry provide Cerealia Group and its partners with a valuable resource to build their brands and relationships.
Compliance Officer

Richard T. Wells, ESQ.

Has been involved at the ground level of state legislative reform efforts since 2017.

Rich is an attorney with Archer & Greiner, P.C., in their Cannabis and Land Use practice groups. Throughout his career he's represented public entities and municipalities in a variety of capacities. Rich provided guidance on how municipalities should update their ordinances to accommodate the expanding cannabis industry. He frequently presented to local government leaders, spoke at community forums geared towards educating the public and government officials on aspects of cannabis regulation, and crafted local legislation in a number of municipalities including the City of Trenton, the State’s Capital, where he served as outside special counsel to draft a comprehensive local regulatory structure governing medical cannabis uses.
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Moving legal cannabis from cultivators to processors, labs, and dispensaries can get complex. Luckily, it’s what we do.
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Administrative Offices Only; no cannabis is stored at or sold from these locations.